Burns Keep Burning

Have you ever slightly brushed against the oven when removing a hot dish and thought nothing of it, only later to see that you had burned yourself? 

Insidious burns keep burning!


First, stop the burn from burning.


Bathe the area in COOL water for 15-30 minutes or for as long as it takes to get the heat out. Not ice water; ice burns too!


After 15-30 minutes minimum of cool water, remove from the water and sense if your skin is still burning, even slightly.  If it is, continue with cool water until the burning sensation completely stops.


Once the burn stops burning, apply a generous layer of The Gel (do not rub it in), immediately cover the area with cling film (plastic wrap) to prevent The Gel from evaporating. Air feeds a fire. Always keep a burn covered.  


The Gel is water-based and speeds healing.  It works like acupuncture to focus the body's attention to heal the area of application.  Reapply The Gel and cover with cling film every 12 hours.  The Gel also contains homoeopathic medicines: anti-inflammatory Arnica, Hypericum for nerve injury and Calendula, which is helpful for wound healing and skin conditions.


Burns take longer to heal than cuts or puncture wounds.  Once the tissue is no longer pink and sensitive, mix one vitamin E capsule with a few drops of The Light and mix with The Gel, apply and cover with cling film.  This protocol can prevent and completely heal scar tissue if given enough time and attention.


Tip for finger injuries, cuts, burns, and blisters: take a disposable rubber glove, cut the finger off, fill with The Gel and apply.  


See below:


“The Gel is magic. I burnt my hands with oil on fire and got second-degree burns. I followed her protocol with the Gel and in 25 days I had healed fully. Usually, it heals in 3 months, and I get pigmentation marks that last for at least a year, but I had no pigmentation! Amazing.” - Nadine


Before and After Burns with The Gel


Call the emergency services if:


- The burn penerates all layers of the skin.

- The skin is leathery or charred looking with white, brown or black patches. 


Seek medical help if:


- You see signs of infection, like increased pain, redness, swelling, fever, or oozing.  Do not break blisters or apply butter or ointments.


If given the right tools and attention the skin can heal completely the scars left from 2nd-degree burns and miraculously even heal old scars! I will tell you how I learned that in another blog. 


Stay tuned.