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Highly Effective Products for Brighter Skin. The Gel from Gagnon Essentials is a cosmetic and a therapeutic product at the same time.

St. Charles Avenue

Do not settle for the “same old, same old;” take advantage of the advancements in health, beauty and wellness. Here is our guide to some of the best new trends to try in 2017.

KCW Today

'I can vouch for The Gel's healing properties and its ability to restore a glow to the skin.'

Vogue UK

Nona Summers' rave review of The Gel and The Gagnon System of facial rejuvenation.


Mirabella sings the praises of The Gel and The Gagnon System of facial and body rejuvenation.

Time Out

Beth Gagnon’s rejuvenation facials recommended by Time Out Magazine.


'The après-ski skin healer that should be delivered by a St Bernard: The Gel by Gagnon.'

Vogue UK

'Totally addicted.' Beth Gagnon's facials are featured in Vogue UK's Feel Good Guide.


'La crème de London society swears by it', says Allure Magazine of The Gagnon System.

In Style

This is ‘no run-of-the-mill treatment’. Beth Gagnon's facials are a hit at InStyle.

The Daily Telegraph

The Gel is featured in The Daily Telegraph’s best new alternative products and services.

Orient Express

Avril Groom tries Gagnon’s ‘non-invasive face lift’ and ‘secret weapon’, The Gel.

Fabric Property

'We discovered something so wonderful we’re bursting out of our stitches to share it.'

The Marylebone Journal

'This is serious beauty, beauty without surgery or invasive procedures.'