It was the early 1980s, and AIDS was at its peak, with no magic solutions.


Impassioned by the desire to help – long before the birth of Google – I began researching methods to support the immune system and stumbled upon the research of Dr Zhen Lin in the Jishuitan Hospital in Beijing.


The Chinese surgeon had discovered that the power of acupuncture lay in activating the enzyme acetyl-cholinesterase, which triggers a neuro-transmitter to stimulate the body’s own healing powers. He then looked for a natural substance that could create the same effect without needles. He found that in cesium chloride, a salt mineral from the Earth.


This was my light-bulb moment!


The Chinese have been employing acupuncture techniques for facial rejuvenation and anti-ageing for thousands of years … but the thought of needles in my face…?!


Based on Dr Zhen Lin’s research, The Gel was born in my kitchen in California. It was serendipity. The process unfolded by itself.


I sought advice from a bio-chemist to explore ways of suspending the cesium chloride in a pure, water-based gel and chose homeopathic medicines known for their skin-healing effects.


I started applying it to my face and body every day. Little by little, The Gel taught me how it could be used.


I was amazed when I put it on an HIV patient, hot with fever. I had slathered his face, ears, neck, chest, hands and feet with The Gel. By the end of the treatment, his fever was gone. 


Over three decades, I have witnessed The Gel encourage healing of:


·      Burns

·      Sprains

·      Cuts

·      Eczema

·      Psoriasis

·      Rosacea

·      Spots (Pimples)

·      Bug bites

·      Vaginal dryness

·      Diaper (Nappy) rash

·      Nipple soreness from breast-feeding

·      Post-operative wounds and scars


It is safe enough for babies and can be used anywhere in or on the body.


I have received many letters of gratitude from people who have been helped by The Gel with a multitude of ailments.


You can check out some of our clients’ incredible healing stories on our website. Its healing power continues to amaze me.