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Behind Beth Gagnon’s modest door on Wigmore Street lies a fascinating array of cutting-edge treatments. Beth is Californian and though the incense sticks, ambient music and self-invented magnetic and quartz crystal beds may seem a little New Agey, all her therapies have a well-researched scientific basis. Treatments focus on cell regeneration and healing, anything from scar tissue to the simple ravages of time on the face. 


Based a stone’s throw from Harley Street, the Mecca of cosmetic surgery, Beth firmly believes that her pain-free, non-invasive ‘face lift’ is as effective as the knife, and many clients agree. 


As she, or her colleague, probingly massages your face, head, shoulders, upper back, feet and ankles, they have what I can only describe as ‘experienced hands’, feeling out problems and injuries you may not know that you have. Electro-magnetic energy is used to rebalance the body and help the immune system. The first treatment of a course includes, after your face is warmed and cleansed by lavender-scented towels, an acupuncture point massage to activate skin cells and muscles and a deep penetrating clay and collagen mask and infra-red heat treatment that leaves your skin pulsating with activity. Subsequent visits include massage and micro-current treatment to re-educate and tone muscles and stimulate cells, so the results are long-lasting and far from superficial. 


Beth’s secret weapon is The Gel she has invented – a mix of healing herbs and caesium salts – which she uses as everything from a massage oil to a moisturizer, and which also reduces inflammation and heals wounds heal. She also stocks and recommends a few products from small producers – healing castor and emu oil, specialist soaps and lip balms. One treatment leaves you glowing and livelier looking, but most clients take up to 15 initial treatments, intensively spaced, for the optimum face-lift, followed by an occasional boost. 


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