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In Style

Suzanne Archer
In Style
April 2002


Magnetic Feels 


‘It’s extraordinary,’ explains face and body therapist Beth Gagnon, ‘people would pay just to come and lie on my magnetic beds for an hour if I’d let them!’ She’s referring to her treatment tables, which – wait for it – ‘combine magnetic energy with piezo-electrical energy from quartz crystals to rejuvenate the body at a sub-atomic level.’ Of course, you’re not aware of all this as you lie back and let Beth massage your face and back with her secret formula gel. But when you leave, you can see, and feel, that this is no run-of-the-mill treatment. With a science degree under her belt long before she decided to apply her gentle touch to the realm of beauty, one of Beth’s first devotees was musician Yehudi Menuhin, who said that, ‘her hands seem to listen and respond as the body speaks.’ 

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