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Nested inside each of our Pillows is a powerful Neodymium-Iron-Boron super magnet and optic grade quartz crystals. Recommended by Leslie Kenton for stress relief. Used by Yehudi Menuhin during concert intervals. 

Magnetic therapy has been applied therapeutically for thousands of years. Today an estimated 35 million people in 22 countries use magnetic products. Their growing popularity is testament to the vast number of accounts of the healing properties of magnets.  Due to its power, permanence and strength of penetration, Neodymium leads the field of magnetic therapy for pain relief and healing. 

Optic grade quartz crystals “intensify the biological activity of the magnets and create resonance in the body, opening up areas of blocked energy ... By creating beneficial resonance the body is able to maintain its own natural state of resonance which is order and balance.” (Leslie Kenton, Passage to Power)

Rest the front of The Pillow against your body wherever you wish to focus healing energy. Leslie Kenton recommends using The Pillow for stress relief and relaxation: 

“On a physical level stress shows up as a loss of order in the body and a disruption in homeostasis. Magnetic field therapy lifts off stress by inducing a state of deep relaxation, stimulates circulation and enhances the use of oxygen and the assimilation of nutrients at a cellular level while improving the elimination of wastes. Throughout the ages exposing living organisms to magnetic fields has been known to have bacteriostatic properties and to bring about wound healing – effects which have now been confirmed by twentieth-century science. Modern magnetic field therapy is an extension of all this… The best form of whole body magnetic field therapy I have come across is the kind [Gagnon] uses.” (Passage to Power, 1998)

Magnetic therapy is not suitable for people with pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs). As a precautionary measure we advise keeping The Pillow at least one foot (30cm) away from electronic devices such as computers and mobile phones.  

Our crystal magnetic pillows (approximately 23 cm by 15 cm) are individually handcrafted using beautiful, natural materials. The magnetic power lasts forever. The outer cloth can be removed for washing and has a zip down the back. 

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