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Leslie Kenton
June 1991


Cesium Gel is the best kept skin-care secret in the beauty world. When the Chinese surgeon Dr Zhen Lin made a break-through in acupuncture at Jishuitan Hospital in Beijing in 1975, little did he know it would have powerful implications for maintaining beautiful and youthful skin. He found that the stimulation of acupuncture points by needle, finger pressure, magnetic fields or the burning of a traditional herb (moxabustion) had a positive effect on the body, because they triggered activity of the enzyme acetylcholinesterase, heightening ‘aliveness’ in the nervous system.


A year later, Zhen began his hunt for a completely safe substance which would stimulate acetylcholinesterase production and could be put directly on skin. He found it in Cesium salts. Then he began treating various diseases – from asthmatic bronchitis to sprains – with solutions, creams and plasters soaked in these mineral salts and found many patients were either cured or dramatically improved.


Recently, a light colourless gel containing Cesium salts was developed. You apply it to clean skin twice a day before moisturisers or treatment creams. It not only encourages healing of cuts, acne, sores, burns and other skin problems (as well as banishing the pain of injuries and muscles in spasm) but the few women who know Cesium gel report that it has remarkable skin rejuvenating properties. 

Leslie Kenton Review of The Gel in Mirabella MagazineBeauty salons are not what they used to be. We think that’s great. Modern beauty therapy is total body/mind care which doesn’t just paper over the cracks but helps spur a woman through her own personal transformation. Take the work of American energy therapist Beth Jacobs [now Gagnon] who lifts health and beauty treatment to new levels of effectiveness using skilled hands, magnetic fields and what is probably the most advanced electromagnetic stimulator in the world. [Gagnon] works on a magnetic table filled with optical grade crystals and potent magnets. Ten minutes on the table and you are plunged into a deep peace.


The stimulator is tuned to specific sound frequencies set to resonate harmonically with the energy of your own body while Jacobs works with her hands while guiding your breathing. Gentle stimulation of the face muscles gradually unblocks sinuses and spurs lymphatic drainage to remove lactic acid, metabolic by-products of stress that block energy and create puffiness, and aches and pains in the body. Then she moves to the back and the feet coaxing the nervous system, and body, into balance. At the end of an hour this unique beauty therapy leaves you feeling rejuvenated. 

Leslie Kenton Mirabella Magazine The Gel

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