• The Gel - 60ml

The Gel - 60ml


The Gel is a unique blend of caesium salts and homeopathic remedies designed to activate the body's ability to rejuvenate skin. It was developed by Beth Gagnon in 1984.

She based The Gel on hospital research by a surgeon practising Western medicine in China. He discovered that the power of acupuncture lay in activating the body's energy pathways. He then created formulations that achieved the same effect without needles. He found that caesium salt produced the same effect.

The Gel is ideal for daily skin rejuvenation. The Gel is made with care using pure, natural ingredients. The Gel can be used externally on any skin type anywhere on the body.

How To Use It

Facial rejuvenation: for a youthful glow use The Gel morning and night daily before applying other products.

All our products are made to work with each other. You can mix them together Or follow with a few drops of The Light or The Rich and top with The Cream.


Deionised water, caesium salts, calendula, rhus tox, ledum, apis, ruta, sulphur, carbomer.

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