The Masque + Collagen


New to Gagnon Essentials - packed with collagen, the miracle protein that keeps our skin young, The Masque nourishes and restores elasticity, erasing fine lines, and gives a plump, clean and youthful glow.

This combination of collagen, bentonite and montmorillonite minerals creates a miracle masque that tightens and tones the skin, invigorating surface circulation and minimizing the excess fluids that can cause puffiness. While The Masques dries you may feel a gentle pulsation as it increases circulation. This is where the magic happens. The blood brings nutrients and oxygenates the skin. The longer you allow the skin to pulsate, the better the results.

How to use it

On clean skin, apply The Gel and then top with a generous dollop of The Masque. Smooth The Masque over the face and decolletage, including under the eyes while avoiding the upper eyelid and lashes.

Lie down, take a rest and allow time to air-dry. The thicker you apply The Masque the better the results and the longer it takes to dry. If in a rush, you can use a cool hair dryer, avoid this if your skin is prone to redness or inflammation.

Use on spots overnight and always apply The Gel before and after The Masque. To remove The Masque, use lots of water and a gentle cloth - or take a shower and let the water wash it away gently. It is normal for the skin to appear pink after removing The Masque. 

Finish by applying The Gel with a few drops of The Light and a touch of The Cream for a smooth glow.


Collagen, Cellulose Gum, Diatomaceous Earth, Bentonite, Montmorillonite Minerals.

  • £50.00

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